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Dental care for diabetes patients

Dental care for diabetes patients is very important as the increase in the sugar levels in the body will have serious effects on the teeth.


Dental care for diabetes patients

Diabetes is a lifelong disease where if there is an increase in the sugar levels in the blood and without proper dental care; you might even lose your teeth at an early age. The good news here is that there is always a prevention method which you should carefully follow to fight with tooth decay. Whether you have a type 1 or type 2 diabetes, controlling sugar levels in the body is very important. The high sugar levels in the blood, the higher your risk of. All of us have some natural bacteria in our mouth and when this bacterium interacts with sugars in food, it automatically forms plaque on your teeth. The acids present in the plaque attacks the harder surface on the teeth, which in turn leads to cavities in the mouth. If your blood sugar levels are higher, the more acid forms and leads to more acid wearing on your teeth. To reduce the acid activity, you have to monitor the blood sugar level and regularly follow doctor’s instructions for keeping the blood sugar levels within the range. The better you control the sugar levels in the blood, the less you can think of your dental care.

Teeth whitening

Brushing and flossing for teeth whitening

Another problem with diabetes is that, it reduces the ability to fight against bacteria and forms gingivitis. Teeth whitening is a major challenge for diabetes patients as if you don’t brush or floss regularly, there are chances to form plaque on the teeth which in turn leads to the formation of tartar. Tartar is a substance that will harden your gumline and the longer they stay on the teeth, the more they irritate the gingival. Gingival is the part of the gum around the base of the teeth. As you neglect it, they start bleeding with swelling in the mouth. The only solution to get rid of this is by brushing teeth twice a day. This helps to stop the growth of plaque and of course for teeth whitening. Flossing helps to clean all the left particles in between teeth and reduces the growth of bacteria. If you have trouble in flossing your teeth, you can use a waxed variety or use a floss holder. Flossing teeth once a day helps in reducing the plaque and resulting in teeth whitening.

Schedule your dental checkups

If gingivitis left untreated, it can lead to more severe infection called periodontitis. Periodontitis is an advanced gum disease that wipes out the soft tissue and bone that supports the whole dental parts. Eventually, periodontitis causes your gums to loosen the teeth. Periodontitis is more common with the people suffering with diabetes as it lowers the ability to reduce the infection in the body. This in turn helps the sugar levels to rise in the body, which makes diabetes tougher to control. The only solution is to take care of your dental parts and preventing periodontitis from infecting the teeth or if infected, going to a dentist and arranging regular dental checkups and using the medicines according to the prescription.